“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all of my heart
~ ~Vincent Van Gogh

Procedures and Fees


The Soul of Love painting is produced in four stages.


The Beginning Stage

Rafael connects  with his clients to get acquainted and to feel and understand their specific desires regarding their portrait. A design is developed during this initial meeting to explore the various aspects of the portrait, including where it will hang, its size and style, clothing to be worn, background and location options. Rafael then selects the optimum portrait setting. 


The Photography Stage

This is the foundation through which the artwork is created. At this time Rafael captures the magical moments and expressions of his subject(s).  Following the photographic portrait session, Rafael and his client discuss and select the image to be painted. The final size of the portait is now chosen.


The Painting Stage

The portrait is printed and mounted with the highest quality archival materials.  The prints are then treated with special acrylic and UV sprays to ensure longevity.  Rafael now paints with traditional oils, bringing the art work to a new dimension and beauty and elegance.  After the drying process is complete, the painting is finished with protective layers of varnish.


The Unveiling Stage

Rafael meets with his client to present the finished Soul of Love painting to be hung in a place of honor.


The Investment

Please inquire to receive a detailed price schedule and also special promotions.