“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people”

~Vincent Van Gogh


I love God

I love people.

I love art. 

I love making things beautiful.

My name is Rafael Guajardo.  I am a passionate portrait artist, photographer and painter.  

My art is about love. My mission is to capture it. I want more than anything for my clients to feel love in my work. My hope is that everytime they look at their painting it will be a constant reminder of this love. 

I am a self-taught artist. Over many years I learned skills by visiting art galleries and reading about the world’s greatest artists and their most important work.  My most meaningful learning has been to sojourn in a museum and stand in awe before the paintings of the Great Masters. Always, it has been an amazing experience of deep appreciation. 

When I take a photograph, I want to do more than just take a pretty picture. My purpose is to capture a specific moment…a look… an innocence… a feeling... a piece of one's story. As I paint I pray, I feel a freedom of expression…joy…renewal and fire in my spirit.  Once I find that magical moment with my camera, I then transform the portrait to a new dimension of beauty and elegance. This is what I call "Capturing the Soul of Love".